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Expert Tailors in Bangkok - Nordic Bespoke

Expert Tailors in Bangkok

Welcome to Nordic Bespoke: Expert Tailors in Bangkok, the premier destination for bespoke tailoring services. Nestled in the heart of Bangkok city at Sukhumvit 18, our establishment stands as a symbol of sartorial excellence, boasting a legacy of over 20 years as expert tailors in Bangkok. Our pioneering spirit in the realm of custom tailoring has earned us an unrivaled reputation, making us the go-to expert tailors in Bangkok for discerning clients seeking unparalleled craftsmanship. Our forte lies in the creation of tailor-made garments that exude superior quality and elegance for both men and women. As the most sought-after expert tailors in Bangkok, we offer a wide range of products, including exquisitely tailored suits, finely stitched shirts, elegant tuxedos, chic blouses, sophisticated dresses, and premium leather jackets. Each piece is a testament to our commitment to perfection, handcrafted with meticulous attention to detail to meet your unique body size specifications. At Nordic Bespoke, we believe that luxury should be accessible. Hence, our top-quality suits and shirts are available at prices that are kind to your wallet, solidifying our position as the best value. Experience the pinnacle of custom tailoring with us, where every stitch is a promise of fit, comfort, and style.

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Wedding Attires made by expert tailors in Bangkok - Nordic Bespoke

Wedding Attire

Make your wedding attire as unique as your special day with the expert tailors in Bangkok from Nordic Bespoke. Whether you have decided on a festive wedding suit, a tuxedo, tailcoat, or an elegant suit that you can wear later – we got your back!

Custom Shirts made by expert tailors in Bangkok - Nordic Bespoke

Custom Shirt

The shirt, in all its varied forms, stands as the most adaptable component of any wardrobe. At Nordic Bespoke, we have expert tailors in Bangkok who have over a decade of experience and craft unique shirts that are tailored exclusively to fit not just your measurements but your personal style as well.

Bespoke suit made by expert tailors in Bangkok - Nordic Bespoke

Bespoke Suit

Bespoke clothing puts control in your hands. As expert tailors in Bangkok, we offer a variety of customizations, including lapels, pockets, fabrics, linings, and more, to create a suit that is distinctively unique and made just for you.

Top Coat made by expert tailors in Bangkok - Nordic Bespoke

Top Coat

Topcoats or overcoats are the most required garments as the season changes in many countries. Nordic Bespoke, where expert tailors with over a decade of experience produce flawless coats for both men and women with the highest quality fabrics that will last you over the years.

Custom Tailor

The highest quality, every step of the way

From the very beginning, the commitment to quality by our expert tailors in Bangkok is evident at our tailor shop. You will first choose from our collection of high-quality fabrics to begin the process of creating garments that you will adore. Our design process includes over 30 measurements to ensure that the fit is nothing less than perfect, and then our experienced tailors in Bangkok will get to work.

The fitting process at our Bangkok suit tailor is a detailed one. We go back through every measurement with your bespoke garment, making any adjustments that are required along the way, so you can be sure that the final product you receive is nothing short of exceptional. With the expert tailors in Bangkok at Nordic, you do not have to worry as your products are in the hands of experienced expert tailors.

The height of service and satisfaction

With expert tailors in Bangkok, we believe we are the best tailors in Bangkok when it comes to friendly service, delivery speed, and customer satisfaction. Throughout our many years of operation, we have put great effort into perfecting our internal processes, so when it comes to ordering bespoke suits or tailored shirts in Bangkok, we will ensure that what you need is delivered efficiently and professionally.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. From the very beginning to the final delivery, we will work to ensure that we can deliver the bespoke suit in Bangkok that you have been dreaming of. Bring us your concept, and our expert tailors will work to deliver it perfectly. Nordic Bespoke offers unlimited alterations, and if, in the end, you are still not happy with the finished product, Nordic Bespoke will provide a full refund. We, the expert tailors in Bangkok, are committed to providing nothing but the best quality, and we offer guarantees to back that up.

Create a wardrobe just for you

A personally fitted wardrobe will see you looking better than anyone else in the room, and with our expert tailors in Bangkok, you have the opportunity to build a clothing collection that is nothing but the best. Our bespoke tailor in Bangkok can assist you in designing and creating clothing items that will suit your body shape best, so you can look and feel fabulous 100% of the time.

Our expert tailors can create so much more than just a bespoke suit in Bangkok. Our range consists of jackets, shirts, dresses, skirts, shorts, and pants that will all fit well, allowing you to look your best. Contact Nordic Bespoke, expert tailors in Bangkok, today to begin the process of creating a bespoke range of clothing that is made just for you.

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Delivering quality products is our key differentiator. We have very strict selection process when it comes to choosing the right tailors to work with us. Over the last 20 years, we have worked with and selected the finest craftsman to create our clothes to ensure every customer leaves our store satisfied.


We have perfected our internal system to be efficient ensuring that you will receive your clothes within a certain timeframe. If we can’t deliver your suit in the time we agreed upon, then we will respectfully decline the work up front or make arrangements to post your clothes to your doorstep.


Our exposure to a global clientele has trained us to work with people of all culture from across the world. Our professional and friendly staff will help you feel at ease in our shop and help you customize and style your clothes just the way you want to match your unique requirements.


We,the expert tailors in Bangkok, guarantee that every cloth made with us is to your satisfaction. We offer unlimited alterations to ensure you are absolutely delighted with your purchase. If for some reason, you are not happy with the outcome, which is rare, we will refund your payment right away.

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